In order to meet the increasing travel demand of domestic and foreign tourists in the coming time, many Transport Businesses have decided to choose 29 seat and 35 seat buses from King Long brand – model Nova82Y to bringing passengers the best travel experiences, safety and comfort.

Recently, the authorized dealer of TC (Tan Chong) Motor Vietnam – King Long Thai Duong held a ceremony to hand over a batch of King Long Nova82Y buses to a reputable transport company in Hanoi.

As a well-known company in the field of transportation and having experience in using buses for many years, customers who received the buses have been very impressed with King Long since its first launch in Hanoi more than 1 year ago.

Business owner – Mr. Tung had highly appreciated the King Long Nova82Y bus after participated in the experience and test driving from interior-exterior design style to features, safety levels… to transport tourists across provinces and cities with economical operating costs.

TCMV – Focusing on product quality and enhancing customer experience, with:
– Modern exterior and spacious interior
– Durable engine, safe feature, smooth operation
– Genuine parts, maximum fuel economy
– Professional staff, dedicated advice 24/7
– Attractive preferential policy service, enthusiastic car maintenance support…

King Long bus – currently used to transport tourists, students and staffs… Choosing King Long bus, customers will be assured of safe and comfortable trips.