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Proposal to extend the validity of Covid-19 test certificates for drivers

The strict disease control principles as well as the driver’s failure to understand the regulations lead to the fact that the time for testing, supporting driver’s test and issuing circulation permits is prolonged. A typical example is the “gateway” roads to two big cities, Hanoi and Hai Phong, where frequent congestion occurs.

Faced with that situation, the authorities of Hanoi and Hai Phong soon studied the instructions of the Ministry of Transport and the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and changed the method of epidemic control such as: issuing passports through software, notification. extensively on medical requirements for drivers to actively drive tested, conduct probability checks, end-to-end checks. Particularly, Hai Phong city allows vehicles to go to the port and conduct inspection before entering the port.

Hanoi City also established a “green channel”, issuing identification cards to 21 vehicles; At the same time, through the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City to issue QR codes for 1,117 vehicles going to Hanoi, priority logos for vehicles transporting perishable goods.

“Thanks to the timely implementation of solutions, until this afternoon, traffic at the gateways of the above localities did not appear to be prolonged congestion,” a representative of the Directorate for Roads informed.

According to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, currently, in addition to the announced national “green channel”, all the Departments of Transport have deployed the “green channel” in the inner province, connecting with the national green channel for cars. Cargo transport during the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to statistics on the system of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, as of 15:00 this afternoon, 2,845 vehicles have been granted first-class cards. Up to now, more than 3,400 vehicles have been issued in 50 localities.

“However, at present, transportation of goods to southern localities still faces some difficulties such as: negative test papers are valid within 72 hours. This time limit is quite short, making businesses and drivers passive, costing more in testing costs. Many localities only recognize test results by RT-PCR method.

In addition, there are currently no specific guidelines on driving as a special subject who is not subject to mandatory medical isolation after returning from epidemic areas. This leads to many localities that have not yet applied Directive 16, which still requires drivers returning from epidemic areas to undergo medical isolation despite having negative test results,” a representative of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam said.

Proposal to extend the validity of covid-19 test certificates for drivers

Extending validity of Covid-19 test certificates for drivers

At the meeting, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The said that up to now, freight transport activities have been basically smooth.

However, in order to create more openness for freight transport, the units under the Ministry when issuing instructions must be specific and clear, ensuring high consistency when implementing. The Departments of Transport need to improve the initiative in exchanging and asking questions when they do not understand or are not clear. Provinces and cities must also strengthen exchange and sharing of experiences to unify the application of regulations in the same conditions of social distancing,” the minister said.

The Minister also assigned Deputy Minister Le Anh Tuan to work directly with the Ministry of Health tomorrow (July 22) to clarify the provisions of document 5753 on not checking the SARS-CoV test certificate. 2 for drivers of means of transport of goods that only circulate within the province or city that are implementing Directive No. 16; At the same time, continue to petition on extending the validity of Covid-19 test certificates for drivers.

“Localities also need to understand that the issuance of passports by QR Code only applies to vehicles going to and from the localities applying Directive 16, to avoid the issuance of incorrect regulations and incorrect subjects. adding procedures for businesses and drivers”, the Minister said and suggested that other localities, even though Directive 16 has not been applied, still have to actively develop a plan to organize traffic to always be in a state of readiness for businesses. transport industry, drivers know and obey.

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