In the context of the extremely complicated developments of COVID-19 epidemic, areas that often gather people like coach stations are where many risks of epidemic outbreak are hiding. In order to ensure the strict prevention of pandemic, many passenger transportation businesses have complied with the regulations directed by the station administrators and the government.

Many coach stations have written requests to employees and transport units to tighten COVID-19 epidemic prevention before, during and after the holidays of April 30 and May 1. In particular, many passenger transportations businesses has refused to serve passengers of not wearing masks, not complying with recommendations or not making report medical statements. Before entering and leaving the station, passengers will also be checked their body temperature carefully. Loudspeakers are also placed in fixed positions and the information about COVID-19 status in the country is constantly conveyed and updated. Station administrators also look around to make sure that passengers are wearing masks.

These actions are both for communication purpose and a part of the tough and powerful solution to minimize the threat from the huge traffic of people and vehicles at the stations.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport also issued documents directing the agencies and the local Department of Transport to implement the conclusions of the Prime Minister in Notice No. 81/2021.  According to that, The Ministry required the above units to urgently follow the command of COVID-19 prevention in accordance with regulations and guidelines of The Health Sector, avoid spreading the epidemic to the community when carrying out transport activities, and prevent the subjectivity, neglection of community.

The MoT also reminded heads of agencies to actively coordinate and update the domestic and international information, and at the same time review and inspect to strictly implement epidemic prevention solutions in management scope, suitable to the epidemic situation as well as actual requirements. The Ministry emphasized that if the onset scenario could happen, companies and involved agencies operating in this field must not fall into a passive state and combine with authority and other organizations to deal with all the issues.

The Ministry also instructed the Directorate of Roads to strictly comply with the 5K Rule, especially wearing masks at stations, harbors, airports, airports, seaports and so on. Transport management agencies should strictly punish organizations and individuals that violate regulations on prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemics.

In addition, transport companies also need to coordinate closely with medical agencies, encourage customers to make electronic medical report in order to minimize traffic jam of gateway to big cities.

Besides, the Ministry also previously noted that the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam needed to:

– Raise disease prevention alerts to the highest level, especially at stations, and on public transportation

– Strengthen the direction, supervision to transport business enterprises within the scope of management and implementation of the direction; follow guidance and regulations on epidemic prevention that the Ministry of Transport and The Health sector have launched

– Require transportation businesses to tighten epidemic preventions to avoid spreading to the community when operating public passenger transport activities.

– Remind the station staffs, the driver’s assistants and the passengers to strictly comply with the 5K Rule for prevention of epidemic (wearing mask, no gathering, disinfection, distance and medical declaration)

– Add hand sanitizer solution (at least 60% alcohol content) in the waiting room, station … and on public transportation (bus, taxi,…) for customers to use.

– Force drivers, attendants, passengers and others (in stops, stations, terminals…) to wear masks

– Require all employees and passenger to install Blue-zone App, regularly turn Bluetooth on for the application to work effectively and to receive early warnings when you are nearby infected people or suspect of being infected.

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