1. This warranty regulations apply to King Long buses (hereinafter referred to as “Vehicle”) which are assembled and distributed by TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. through its Authorized Dealers (hereinafter referred to as “Authorized Dealer”) and only valid within the territory of Vietnam.

2. Within the warranty period, TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. is responsible for warranty of Vehicle due to defects in materials or workmanship under the conditions and terms of this warranty specification, with pre-conditions that the Vehicle is in use and periodic maintenance is properly and fully carried out as specified in the Operation Manual and Warranty and Service Booklet.

3. Repairs and warranty must be carried out by Authorized Dealer or at Service Center of TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Authorized Service Center”). Authorized Service Center will proceed to repair or replace parts that have been confirmed by the Authorized Dealer or TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. to be damaged due to defects of materials or workmanship within the scope and limitations of the warranty (free labour and spare parts). All damaged parts that have been replaced by new parts under this warranty condition will become the property of TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.

No. Category Warranty Period Conditions Attached
1 General Warranty period 24 months or 150.000km whichever comes first
2 Warranty period for battery 12 months or 50.000Km whichever comes first (from the 7th month customers shall be refunded only 50% of the new purchase price.)
3 Warranty period for tires TC Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. shall reserve the right to consider for the warranty with the condition: Tires are damaged due to defects of materials or workmanship within 6 months from date the Vehicle was delivered to the first owner as stated in the Warranty Registration under the Warranty and Service Booklet.
4 Spare parts or repairation 03 months or 10.000Kkm From the repair completion date signed by the Authorized Service Center whichever comes first, or applied to the remaining warranty period for new Vehicle. depending on which period ends later.
5 Brake Pad Linings 03 months
6 Clutch (Disc) Lining 03 months
7 Gasket and Washer 03 months
8 Bushes 03 months
9 Rubber parts 06 months
10 Belt tensioner, pulley bearing 12 months



1 For any damage, loss occurred in case the Vehicle is not periodically maintained, is of inadequate maintenance, not in accordance with the Operation Manual and/or the maintenance is not performed by the Authorized Service Center.
2 For any damage, loss caused by repair or adjustment by a Non-Authorized Service Center.
3 For any damage, loss caused by overload operation, operating Vehicle on inappropriate terrain, or operating Vehicle not in accordance with the method specified in the Operation Manual, or exceed the prescribed limits (such as maximum loading, number of passengers, engine speed and/or other characteristics).
4 (I). Using non-genuine parts, accessories (genuine parts, accessories only provided by the Authorized Service Center); and/or
5 (II).Using improper types of fuel and/or using non-genuine oils, lubricants, chemicals (not same as specified in the Operation Manual).
6 For any damage, loss due to unauthorized self-repair, adjustment, modification, change, connection, disassembly, installation of spare parts and accessories.
7 for any damages due to improper preservation, transportation of Vehicle as specified the Operation Manual; improper use of Vehicle (racing, overloading, driving on flooded roads …); accidents, external impacts or other similar situations.
8 Warranty will not cover for normal wear and tear of Vehicle components.
9 For lubricants or consumables as the following but not limited to:
1. Engine Belts, A/C Belts.2. Engine Fire Extinguisher if used by mistake.3.Engine Oils and Coolants4. Front/ rear Axle Lubricants.

5. Steering Box Lubricants.

6. Transmission Lubricants and Coolants.

7.Air Conditioning Compressor Lubricants.

8. Filter elements.

10 The cleaning, inspection, adjustment and other periodic maintenance items. The costs incurred for inspection and periodic maintenance of Vehicle carried out at the Authorized Service Center will be borne by Vehicle owner.
11 Any expenses incurred to solve the problem caused by unauthorized repair or maintenance performed earlier.
12 Any damage or loss caused by factors beyond the control of the manufacturer such as natural disasters (fire, earthquake, natural disaster, flood, thunderstorms, thunder, flooding, etc.), fire explosion, collision, impact from road stone, theft or other similar situations; damage, loss caused by smoke, chemicals, insects, rodents, sea water, sea breeze, salt, acid rain or other similar phenomenon.
13 Phenomenon such as noise, vibration, engine/ transmission oil absorption in operation, corrosion caused by environmental factors such as industrial fallout, chemicals, sea water, ocean spray, salt, acid rain, hail, stones or floods, etc.; foggy lights, normal wear and tear of parts.
14 Warranty will not cover such related expenses:
+ Incidental expenses of emergency cases due to Vehicle breakdown which involve towing, accommodation, meals and other related expenses.
+ Compensation due to Vehicle breakdown, lost in business or car rental during the repair period.
+ Other expense or damages (if any) which are not listed here.