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The MoT proposes to increase sanctions for traffic violations

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has sent a written request to the Directorate for Road, Management agencies, Departments of Transport of provinces and cities to implement a number of key tasks on public transportation activities to ensure traffic order and safety in the second quarter of 2021.

Regarding the development and consolidation of legal documents, the Ministry of Transport requested the Legal Department to develop implementing documents of the Law amending, supplement a number of articles of the Law on Handling of Administrative Violations in the direction of increasing penalties. Then, the plan aims to improve the deterrence against bad behaviors with high risk of causing accidents, leading to structural damage of traffic infrastructure, violating regulations on cargo transfer.

At the same time, the document also addresses simplifying administrative procedures in the process of handling traffic violations through professional technical equipment, specifying responsibilities for each relevant person, and raising the sanctions against transport companies and vehicle owners in case of violations.

The Ministry of Transport requested the Directorate of Roads of Vietnam to give guidance on the responsibilities of investors with BOT projects in the review and handling of potential traffic accident risk areas. The Ministry also assigned the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to handle the inadequacies of traffic organization on the national highway system to improve safety conditions, as well as to review and inspect the Ho Chi Minh highway, Highway 5, and key national highways, thereby detecting and promptly handling “black spots” with a high risk of accidents.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport proposed the Directorate of Roads to inspect the implementation of regulations on ensuring traffic safety in the transportation business by car according to Decree 10/2020. In which, it is focused on inspecting the state management performance of the Departments of Transport. Besides, it’s about developing and implementing the plan to ensure traffic safety of the transportation business (especially the installation, maintenance as well as transmitting data from the vehicle’s cruise monitoring device in accordance with regulations).

The Ministry reminded the Directorate of Roads to strengthen the installation of automatic vehicle weighing devices nationwide, especially on key national highways and roads connecting to seaports and areas of industry or construction materials.

In the coming time, the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Transport will also step up inspection and examination to adjust and improve the efficiency of implementation associated with prevention of inexplicit state management, especially in the administration of vehicle load, transport business, driving license test, vehicle registration …

The Ministry suggested that the Departments of Transport of the provinces and cities need to strengthen the control of the tonnage of vehicles, focusing on the national highways, key provincial roads as well as road routes that connect to industrial parks or seaports, mining of construction materials, and step up inspection in the area to improve operation efficiency.

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